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JavaScript Clock

Post by maaax »

Hi guys,

I just developed a clone of your flash clock to get rid of the "you have to install flash"-warnings of my browser. The clock has almost the same design like the original one.

The advantages of using a JavaScript clock instead of a flash clock is that almost every browser (AND mobile browsers!) supports javascript but not flash.

Please feel free to include this clock into the board3-source (it's GPLv2). I won't provide an full example how to integrate the clock into the portal because I don't know your coding style and where to push the js files. I think it's wrong to push any JavaScript-source into the style-directory, but do whatever you want. The phpBB file structure already is very random and the source code is full of surprising things :D

You can download the javascript source from here:
This one has the same size like the original one and should be easily includable into board3:

Have fun
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Re: JavaScript Clock

Post by heiner »

perhaps also this ... nd-no-css/ - as another possibility for javascript-analog-clock, here without "no images and no CSS".

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