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(Style Request) DVGFX

Post by Inspirit »

Mike, awesome job on this. I am loving it like no other, now that I got it to work!

Im a bit confused, can you point me in the right direction for installation instructions for using your portal with a style? Im assuming I have to post my request for the style to be customized here, but I havent the faintest as to how to do it. :lol:

Anyway, the style I was looking to use is the following:


I saw the brother of this style was available, but didnt see this guy. Thanks so much, and keep up the awesome work! (oh and thanks for being so patient!)
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Re: (Style Request) DVGFX

Post by Mike »

Try to install this Style by using the prosilverfiles, and install instructions for prosilver (install.xml)
Idont have adapted the header already, nor the link to the portal... just added the portal prosilver files and include portal.css into stylesheet.css, and thats the result: http://area51.mikevil.de/portal.php?style=82
If want to have frames around the outer Blocks, so you can use this altered config for prosilver: viewtopic.php?p=19070#p19070
Tell me If it work (or doesnt) ;)
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