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Board3 Portal (the "Portal") is an open source project. It does not intend to gain any economic or financial advantages. This forum is a platform from which users may download the current version of the Board3 Portal software. Furthermore support is available here for questions concerning the current version's installation and setup, un-installation, and bugs or misbehaviour of the pogram.

Additionally we support providing enhancements ("blocks") which may increase the functionality of the portal. Technical support for enhancements which have been developed by users, is primarily provided by the author, not by the Board3 Portal team.

We also support providing translations of the portal language files to other phpBB3-supported languages, which enable foreign users to run their portal in their native language. Technical support for translations which have been posted by users, is provided by the author, not by the Board3 Portal team.

All members of the team (administrators, moderators, developers, testers, translators) are working on the Portal and in the forum during their spare time. All have a real life to live with priorities as there are family, job, studies/school, and more private obligations. Therefore there is no claiming for assistance to get a problem solved or a question answered in a certain time span or defined manner. All team members are working hard to provide support and assistance as fast as possible. Above this, the forum has a considerable amount of experienced users, which provide excellent support. Many thanks for that!

Our goals are developing the portal to the next generation, to keep the team members doing their job in the forum with fun, and providing helpful assistance for portal users. You can help us to achieve our goals by strictly following these forum rules:
  • General
    • We can provide support to portal-related questions only. General phpBB support is not our business. Please post phpbb-related questions to, our team is working hard just to get portal questions handled. Therefore it is not possible to post new topics to the "General phpBB Support" forum. It is the team's decision to occasionally move general phpBB-questions there, especially when helpful support has been provided already.
    • Please do not send PMs with support requests to the team members! When you post your question in the forum, it will help other users, facing the same problem later. And that's what the forum is about.
  • Asking questions
    • Search function / Knowledge Base Please use the Search function and search the Knowledge Base / FAQ prior to post a question. Most questions have already been asked. And almost all of them have already been answered.
    • Please use subjects that provide information! Subjects like "Help!" or "Doesn't work!" will make both supporters and users run away from your topic, they won't even bother to read it. Especially the quality of search results will be increased dramatically if subjects carry useful informations.
    • Describe your problem clearly. A clear and understandable problem-description avoids time-consuming inquiries. Please indicate the versions of your PHP, MySQL, phpBB3 and Portal, also a link to your board helps to visualize your problem.
  • Style
    • There's orthography in the internet, really! We kindly ask for a minimum of correct orthography and spelling. Nobody here will call you an illiterate when there was a typo or a misspelling. But a post can almost be unreadable if heavy spelling lack occurs. To achieve a better legibility please use smileys in a reasonable amount.
    • Be gentle and polite We expect our users to act patiently, decently and fair with other users.
    • Please do not demand help or exert pressure. Requests like "urgent!" or "until tonight!" won't speed up replies. We help as fast as we can manage it.
    • Topic-Bumping is only accepted at least 24 hrs. after posting.
  • "No-Go's"
    • We will not provide support to those who have removed our credits from their portal or altered our credits to be not visible anymore.
    • Abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated content, links or posts will be removed without prior notice.
    • Advertising and/or promoting is not desired and will be removed without prior notice.
    • Double posts - posting the same question in two different topics - are inadmissible.
If violations against one or more of these rules occur, the thread / post will be locked or deleted. The concerned user may be warned. If violations are continued or repeated the concerned user may be banned from the forum.

In case a user feels treated unfair he/she may contact the board administrator. It will be the administrator's decision either to revoke or to keep warnings or bannings.

In the context to these rules we additionally point to the terms of use, which every user has accepted with creating his account. Rules | English V1.1 as of Feb 9th, 2009 | Copyright 2009 Regeln | Deutsch
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Re: - Rules | We ask for your attention

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You are invited to discuss the - Rules topic here
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