[Release] Ajax Shoutbox V1.0.4

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[Release] Ajax Shoutbox V1.0.4

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Extension Name: Ajax Shoutbox on Board3 portal Extension
Author: Talonos
credits: Paul for making this extension possible.
Extension Description:

This extension will allow you to have Ajax Shoutbox displayed on your board3 portal (requires Ajax Shoutbox 1.0.4)
block can be used in Top/Center/Bottom only

IF UPGRADING "Ajax Shoutbox" DISABLE "Ajax Shoutbox Board3" extension BEFORE DOING SO or you can get locked out of ACP

Extension Version: 1.0.4

http://pretereo-stormrage.co.uk/viewtop ... p=351#p351


1. Download the latest release.
2. Unzip the downloaded release.
3. In the `ext` directory of your phpBB board, create a new directory named
4. Copy the `b3pajaxshoutbox` folder to `/ext/talonos/` if done correctly, you'll have the
main extension class at (your forum root)/ext/talonos/b3pajaxshoutbox/composer.json
5. Navigate in the ACP to `Customise ‐> Manage extensions`
6. Look for `b3pajaxshoutbox Board3` under the Disabled Extensions list, and click its
`Enable` link.
7. add the module to your portal via the menu at ACP ‐> Extensions ‐> Portal ‐>
Portal Modules ‐> add modules ‐> b3pajaxshoutbox on Board3 Portal' (top/center or bottom
modules only)

this extension requires Ajax Shoutbox V1.0.4 from HERE please update to 1.0.4

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Known issue: doesn't work with Mchat activated (it breaks mchat)
Revision information:


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Initial release for Board3 portal
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Talonos: Pretereo stormrage EU OFFLINE!

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