[Rel] (WoW) Application form + ACP sup. (v3.1.x)

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Re: [Rel] (WoW) Application form + ACP sup. (v3.1.x)

Post by FDCP_NEO (NL) »

talonos wrote:ok so its been a while since anyone posted here. i'm wondering if anyone has this modifaction backup somewhere as i really loved this one and i seemed to have lost my backup of it.

i've tried downloading it from http://www.phpbbfiles.com/files/phpbb3/ ... 3.1.2b.zip but it keeps refusing access. it would be greatly appreciated if this was reupped and then i can work on getting it updated to work with more recent versions of board3 and phpbb.

Hey I uploaded the mod again!


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Re: [Rel] (WoW) Application form + ACP sup. (v3.1.x)

Post by Dr Nick^ »

took me some time, but i got all releases backup and ready for download.
Maybe in the near future since i have some webserver again i will develop something for the latest builds.

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