[RELEASE] Board3 Portal 1.0.1 - English

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[RELEASE] Board3 Portal 1.0.1 - English

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MOD-Titel: Board3 Portal
MOD-version: 1.0.1
Adds a portal with several blocks, which can be switched on and off via the ACP, to the front page of your phpBB3 forums.
This portal is a further development / fork of the phpbb3Portal. An update wizard and update instructions from phpbb3portal 1.1.0b, 1.2.2 and from previous Board3 Portal versions are included in the package.

Changes to version 1.0.0RC3
  • Fixed misc bugs
Changes to version 1.0.0RC2
  • Added switch to choose if "views" and "replies" should be diplayed in extra colums. To solve problems of distroyed layouts in compact view of news and announcements. e.g. with thin styles.
  • subsilver2 style rework
  • Bugfixes, view: bugtracker/viewcat.php?c=9
Changes to version 1.0.0RC1
  • Added new style / own CSS for easier style adaption - provided by Graphic Corner / Pfoti: http://www.graphic-corner.ch
  • Normal and inline attachments are displayed properly now in news / announcements text view. (Thanks to connect for the inline attachments solution)
  • Rework of the compact view of news / announcements. Topic folders and icons are now displayed. Complete style rework.
  • #unread link for news / announcements. (Thanks to Mike, for pushing us in the right direction)
  • Team bloc: possibillity to let non-system groups display
  • Support for handymans MOD Version Check. To use this feature, this mod has to be installed.
  • Update to ModX 1.2.0 - package structure adapted
  • Language files rework
  • PayPal block rework. All supported currencies can be chosen with a drop-down button. The amount to donate can be typed in.
  • Bugfixes, view: bugtracker/viewcat.php?c=8
Changes to version 0.2.1
  • Many of bugfixes, view: bugtracker/viewcat.php?c=6
  • Adaptions to phpBB 3.0.1
  • The link block can be edited in the ACP: add, delete links and order position
  • BBCode is now allowed in welcome message
  • Two custom blocks added, which can be filled with BBCode or HTML in the ACP. To use with ads, videos, images, whatever.
  • Complete rework of the News / Announcements. Implemented a achive system and pagnition. You can choose if you want to have the first or the newest post displayed in news.
  • Full MSSQL support
  • Forum list on the portal added
  • Show "Portal page" in "who is online"
  • Option to disable user permission check for News / Announcements
  • Style changer added
  • Attachment block: display attachments from one or more specific forums + attachments permission check added
Changes to version 0.2.0:
  • No longer required to be a founder to update/install, just an admin with "board" permissions.
  • Fixed a news/announcements permissions bug.
  • Fixed a bug when no news posts were viewable due to account permissions.
  • Fixed a bug in announcements/news/polls due to shadow topics left after a topic is moved.
Changes to version 0.1.0:
  • Polls have been completely reworked (checking permissions, show newest, etc)
  • subsilver2 is included in the package (Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!)
  • several bugfixes
  • Forum names are diplayed with news / announcements
  • Upcoming birthdays (configurable in ACP) - many thanks to Kendoo!
  • Several stylefixes and improvements
  • Welcomebox is not limited to 255 characters anymore
  • Log messages in ACP configuration are displayed properly now
  • The installer / updater (called PInUp) has been reworked
Changes from phpbb3Portal 1.1.0b to Board3 Portal 0.1.0:
  • Completed the ACP management (all boxes could be turned on + off, the ACP management is now phpBB conform in the ACP tab "Mods")
  • Image Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict! (prosilver)
  • many bugfixes
  • several new functions (e.g. read / unread topic icons + attachment icon at recent news / announcements, welcome box optional only for Guests, BBCode is parsed in textview when messages are cut when the max length is reached in recent news / announcements, etc)
  • Language files are moved and renamed phpBB conform into language/mods, no language variables have to be added to the phpBB acp/common.php file anymore
  • The DB entries which has been in the phpbb_config table are moved into a own table, (called phpbb_portal_config), because otherwise the whole board could suffer in performance (nearly 60 additional entries, who would be called on each site otherwise)
  • The installer / updater is coded completely new
MOD-authors: Ice, Kevin, Redbull254, Christian_N, nickvergessen (Bugfixer)
MOD-download: phpBB-version: phpBB 3.0.2
phpBB-styles: prosilver, subsilver2
phpBB-languages: English, German
MOD-demo: Demo prosilver / Demo subsilver2

Please don't upload the mod anywhere (to offer it as a download), without asking me before, thanks.
Board3 Portal Dev & English Tech Support

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