Post-Portal integration

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Post-Portal integration

Post by Iuri » 15. June 2011 07:16

Hi there! I don't know if this is the right board to ask it, but here it comes anyway:

Is there some feature to "post" a post on the home page, even if it isn't the first one of a topic?
I think i wasnt clear... Just an example: if i have a topic called "cat videos" on the board "useless stuff", and i want a post in it to figure in the portal, can i?

I'm looking forward to a system who let me do this kind of stuff.

Sorry for the bad english.

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Re: Post-Portal integration

Post by DerGolgo » 26. January 2014 19:20

I'm looking for the same.

I'd personally applaud something that does exactly what the Global Announcements block does, with the link to the topic and number of comments and so on, but that would do it based on a post ID I'd enter in the ACP. Or some similar method. Using Announcements or Global Announcements for that makes it less than optimal to use these for other purposes than putting stuff on the portal. Yes, putting them on the portal with a dedicated forum, and just excluding all the others, would be possible. But then the comments counter would remain zero, wouldn't it. And all of that would work only with the first post. Often, a later post is just so much better ...

I'd greatly appreciate it!

Außerdem fände ich so einen Block richtig klasse, damit man die Announcements für andere Zwecke benutzen kann und nicht nur den erstn Post in einem Topic auf das Portal bekommt.
Nur nochmal in D damit keine Srachbarriere stört. :)

I only just noticed. The "Maximum size/length of global announcements:" feature, where the first post in the announcement is abbreviated on the portal, would be exceptionally useful for such a block as requested here, also.
Wie ich gerade erst bemerkte: Das "Maximum size/length of global announcements:" Feature, das den ersten Post im Announcement für das Portal abkürzte, wäre auch für den hier angeregten block ausserordentlich hilfreich.

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