Default page when loggin in.

Current Version: 1.0.6
Released: 09.01.10
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Default page when loggin in.

Post by Foxy »

Your Portal Version: 1.0.6
Your phpBB Type: Standard phpBB3
MODs installed: Yes
Your knowledge: Basic Knowledge

What have you done before the problem was there?
Registered new domain name for my site and made new domain name the primary on my hosting account.

What have you already tryed to solve the problem?

Description and Message

I wanted to give my phpBB site a complete new identity so I registered a new domain name with my hosting company (GoDaddy). I then made the new domain name the primary name on my hosting account.

My site used to be found at, it is now at

Now, when I login, I am taken to the phpBB index page and not the Portal page as it was before the changes were made.

I'm sure it's a simple fix but it's got me!

If you need a login to have a look, please PM me so that I can give you temp Admin access.

Regards, Foxy

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